Terroxy Resinous Flooring

Domus Terrazzo offers resinous epoxy flooring for any type of environment including warehouses, processing plants, manufacturing, distribution, transportation facilities and more. With the addition of mosaic vinyl flakes and decorative quartz, projects can have endless design options.

Understanding the selection process of the applications is vital to the success and longevity of the floor. As a solutions provider, we’ll walk you through the process to make sure that the proper flooring will be implemented to meet your projects needs.

Download our Resinous Flooring Brochure for aggregate options and an overview of each flooring system.


Resinous Flooring System Bulletins

Download the following System Bulletins for a step by step process to give you the confidence needed when preparing and installing resinous flooring.

Industrial Thin Set

Decorative Thin Set

Industrial Iso-Flex

Decorative Iso-Flex

Industrial Self Leveling Slurry

Decorative Slurry

Industrial Trowel

Decorative Trowel

Urethane Concrete Slurry






Resinous Flooring System Maintenance & Preparation

Maintenance Recommendations   |   Concrete Surface Preparation

Terroxy Resinous Floor Preperation Products

Terroxy Moisture Vapor Treatment
Water-based epoxy primer designed specifically for damp or green concrete.   

Terroxy IC Moisture Guard
100% solids, low viscosity primer designed to penetrate damp concrete and to control concrete surfaces that exhibit high moisture vapor emission.

Terroxy Primer
100% solids, moisture insensitive epoxy primer designed for concrete, wood and masonry surface application.

Terroxy Iso Crack Membrane
100% solid, flexible epoxy membrane designed to suppress reflective cracking in Terroxy Resin flooring systems. The unique bonding and elongation properties of the polymer provide extraordinary crack suppression and is recommended for use over interior concrete surfaces prior to the flooring’s installation.

Terroxy Acoustical Membrane
100% solid, highly-flexible epoxy membrane designed to reduce sound transmission and suppress reflective cracking in terrazzo flooring systems. The unique bonding and elongation properties of this polymer provide extraordinary crack suppression and is recommended for use over interior concrete surfaces prior to the flooring’s installation.

Resinous Sealing Products


T-Rx Coating
Permanent, high performance coating designed for high-traffic interior applications.


Terroxy Resinous Epoxy Products

Terroxy Binder Resin

High solids, two component epoxy resin used for general purpose decorative aggregate and heavy duty resinous flooring systems.  Binder Resin possesses a good chemical resistance, with excellent compressive strength  and abrasion resistance.

Terroxy Industrial Coating
A two-component, re-coatable epoxy and binder resin. It may be used directly over primed substrates. Industrial Coating is extremely hard wearing, chemical resistant, impact and abrasion resistant. Terroxy Industrial Coating is available in a variety of colors.

Terroxy UV Clear
Industrial strength translucent, epoxy resin intended for use in a variety of interior flooring systems. Has excellent UV resistant properties.

Terroxy Polyaspartic
A unique high solids resin utilizing polyaspartic technology. It has been formulated to produce a fast curing, durable coating with excellent ultraviolet and weathering characteristics, matched with good chemical resistance, high temperature performance (to 300ºF/149ºC) and will cure at low temperatures (to 35ºF/2ºC).

Urethane Concrete
Terroxy Urethane Concrete is a three-component water-based polyurethane cement for concrete flooring.  This system is odorless, contains no VOC’s or HAP’s.  Properties include excellent chemical resistance against acids, bases, oils, and organic solvents. Urethane Concrete has a low viscosity that is trowel applied and back-rolled for a smooth finish.