Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo flooring has a long and rich history that dates back over 500 years.  The word Terrazzo originated from the Italian word for “terraces”, it was created purely by chance by Venetian marble workers.  During the Fifteenth century workers discovered a new use for discarded chips from slab marble.  Artisans began setting odd size marble pieces into clay to pave surfaces and the terraces around their homes, the results were amazing.  Over time, the process of creating terrazzo surfaces has evolved and now glass, granite and quartz along with marble chips are used.

The combination of beauty, durability and low maintenance has led to a renaissance in the use of terrazzo over the past decade. Today, terrazzo flooring continues to provide the ultimate in durability and low maintenance, typically lasting the life of the building.

Terroxy Resin

Terroxy Resin Systems is an extensive line of resinous products specially designed for Terrazzo and Industrial Flooring. Terroxy Resin Systems provides peace of mind by enhancing the durability of your flooring system with the finest selection of quality primers, anti-fracture membranes and sealers; helping to make your flooring needs complete.

Divider Strips

Commonly used in terrazzo flooring to serve two basic needs: form and function. Aesthetically, divider strips are often the skeleton to the terrazzo floor’s design, offering architects and interior designers the ability to create custom designs and patterns. Divider Strips may simply serve as a transition between colors or they may be bent on the job site or water-jet cut at the factory to form intricate designs, logo artwork and lettering. The thickness and metal of the divider strip may also be varied to compliment the flooring’s design. The divider strip can be as apparent or discrete as your design requires.

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Aggregates typically representing 70% of the terrazzo flooring design mix. These aggregates are most commonly marble chips; however, glass and other specialty aggregates are also suitable for terrazzo flooring.

Domus Terrazzo offers a variety of crushed marble and specialty aggregate for the terrazzo industry. Our history and experience have uncovered the most complete and exciting offerings of specialty aggregate for terrazzo flooring. All chips are produced with a consistent crush, cleaned and dried to ensure a quality terrazzo design mix.

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Limited Only by Your Imagination

Terroxy Epoxy Matrix offers designers the ability to create the most distinctive patterns and the most vibrant color palette for their projects. This unlimited design and color flexibility is unique to epoxy flooring. By selecting the appropriate colors, patterns and aggregates, designers can create virtually any design imaginable.

Common Applications & Infinite Beauty

Airports, Cafeterias, Hospitals, Locker Rooms, Museums, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Schools, Shopping Malls, Stadiums & Convention Centers

Resistant to chemicals, oil, grease and bacteria, Terroxy Epoxy Matrix is ideal for commercial, industrial and institutional applications. This special formulation does not allow for colors to fade or wear thin. The colors you choose today will be just as vibrant in 40 years.

Cost Effective

Consider the lifecycle of an average commercial flooring system. During the lifetime of a building, the total cost of flooring may exceed 35 times the initial cost. With terrazzo flooring systems, floors will typically last the lifetime of the structure. While other systems may require many repairs or even replacement utilizing additional valuable resources, terrazzo flooring systems require minimal maintenance. Choosing carpeting over terrazzo flooring may be a cheaper choice now but over time carpet becomes a more expensive flooring option and will need to be replaced.

Custom Samples

Domus Terrazzo provides architects and designers with complimentary samples through the Terroxy Hard Sample Program.

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Design specialists can customize colors to meet nearly any design need…the chip combinations and color selections are endless. Samples are custom made to the exact color and aggregate specifications in a 3/8” Terroxy Epoxy Matrix. Call 416.789.5387 to schedule a design consultation.

To order samples please contact us at 416.789.5387 to locate your local sales rep.

* All samples are made to order, please allow 10-14 days for fabrication of all requests.

A Complete System

Terroxy Resin Systems also provide peace of mind by enhancing the durability of your flooring with the finest selection of quality primers, anti-fracture membranes and sealers; helping to make your flooring needs complete.