Terrazzo Aggregates

The aggregate used in terrazzo includes all calcareous, serpentine and other natural stones capable of being ground and taking a good polish (e.g. marble, onyx, etc.). Some other materials such as quartz, granite, quartzite and silica pebbles are suitable for those finishes that do not require polishing, such as rustic terrazzo.

Glass is the newest rage in terrazzo chip. Domus Terrazzo offers a wide selection of glass chips in a variety of sizes. Ask our terrazzo team how glass chips incorporated into a terrazzo floor can be considered for LEED credits.

A finished terrazzo floor has a minimum of 70% chip density on the surface. Chips are graded by number according to size in conformity with industry standards. Terrazzo composed of #1 and #2 size chips is referred to as standard. Patterns utilizing #3 through #7 chips are referred to as venetian.

Domus Terrazzo carries domestic chips, imported chips, recycled glass and porcelain and concrete chips in all sizes. Colors range from the whitest of white to the blackest of black. 

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Terrazzo Divider Strips

Divider strips are used to do just as their name suggests… provide an aesthetic transition between surfaces. By separating the different terrazzo mixes, design freedom is further extended.

Available in zinc alloy, aluminum or plastic, divider strips can be specified in custom sizes and shapes, or in intricate configurations such as company logos or store names. In most cases, divider strips are used during the installation of terrazzo. They are used to enhance or highlight color patterns for outstanding combinations.

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